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Is Legit?

Is writing site, better than EC, Triond, Squidoo, Helium and more.


What is Zujava — is an article writing site that started last 2011, it is similar with Triond, Squidoo, Helium, Factoidz, Experts Column, Hub Pages. It has been in beta before but now its officially launched this 2012. As i researched online there has been a few payment proof, so I was quite skeptical. But as I had observed the website “I knew then, that this will rock the growing writing industry”. They just need to be fair to their writers and there would be no problem.

What’s good about Zujavaa is.

1. It is not that strict on the quality of your writing, I mean grammars and punctuations. But it has a strict policy on things like nudity, MLMs, scams, illegal things.. Just like other publishing sites.

2. Its free to join, you will be paid 50/50 from the generated revenue of adsense and chikita ads.

3. Pays via paypal every 15th of the month.

4. Gives you 20%-25% from revenue generated by your referrals.

5. I really, really love its graphic design and features!! :)

6. Good SEO :)

7. Allows you to link your amazon products, ebay and more..

8. And it is just new :) were just about 100+ now .. So don’t wait until you’re left, keep referring.

So what are you waiting for.? join us now. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW

Sign up for Simple online publishing.

BTW, they are on a promo now. They had a contest on a certain topic and each one is invited to write their own article about that topic. The winner will receive a kindle fire ( will be shipped at your home wherever you are ).

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