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Ielts Sample Writing Task: Two Maps

In the IELTS writing examination of the academic module, one may be asked to write about two maps. This article is a sample on how to describe and compare the changes that has occurred in a certain place as seen on the maps.

            The maps illustrate the infrastructural developments that happened in Stargazer seaside resort from 1990 to 2005.

            In 1990, greener scenery with a lot of residential homes and a few basic structures were present in the area. Two bridges which were centrally located, connect the western and eastern parts of the place. More houses were built on the western portion compared to the other side. In the northeastern part of the area, near the upper-connecting bridge was the school. Adjacent to the educational institution was the hospital. On the rightmost portion was the railway station that extended through the northeastern part of the seaside resort. On the left of which was a small parking area, just across the hospital.

            In 2005, more infrastructures were erected causing depletion of residential homes and of greener nature. A supermarket was built on the southwestern portion, which was back then full of houses. On the northeastern area, an airport can be seen beside the school. Moreover, the railway station has extended more to the south, connecting the western and eastern areas of Stargazer. In addition, a factory can be seen on the southeastern part of the place.

            Conclusively, the seaside resort of Stargazer had brought about great developments from 1990 and 2005 as evidenced by the added infrastructures in the area.

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