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Ielts Sample Writing Task: Describing Three Maps

The IELTS taker of the academic writing examination may be asked to make comparisons about three maps. Read the article below which is a sample of an essay describing maps.

            The three maps illustrate the progress that happened in the coastal area of Blue Beach Resort in 1950, 1975, and 2000.

            In 1950, Blue Beach Resort was still less developed. Three docks, indicated by slanting lines inside a box, were built facing the sea on the northwestern part of the area. Behind these docks was a solitary hotel, symbolized by the letter “H” inside a box. On the eastern portion of the town are two other hotels standing in between two beaches and behind a dock. Furthermore, a two lane road was present on the northern and eastern parts of the village.

            In 1975, the coastal town has developed with the presence of more infrastructures in the area. Five hotels were added in the village, three of which were in the northwestern side and the other two were located on the eastern portion. In addition, the once two lane road has become a 4 lane street.

            Twenty-five years later, the area progressed intensively. Thirteen hotels were standing in the village. There were another four hotels built facing the beach on the northeastern section while three additional hotels were built behind the beach on the southeastern portion of the area. Furthermore, an airport was made on the easternmost part of the town, next to the four lane road. However, the docks have been removed from the town.

            In conclusion, Blue Beach Resort has developed through the years 1950 to 2000 as evidenced by the increased number of hotels and road lanes, and the establishment of the airport.

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