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Ielts Sample Writing Task: Describing an Illustration

In the Academic module of the IELTS writing examination, the examinee is sometimes asked to describe an illustration and put it into words. This article shows an example on how to present this task.

            The pictures illustrate some ideas in designing residential structures for hot or for cold temperatures.

            In a cool climate, the house is designed with an inclined or high-angled roof. The whole structure is covered with an insulating product which prevents heat from passing through it. Furthermore, a thermal building material is placed beneath the insulating product to store the heat inside the house. In addition, a long window is strategically placed on the right side of the house, which makes the direction of the sun rays opposite to the angle of the roof.

            In a warm climate, the roofs of residential structures are created in a triangular shape and are intently over hanged to provide shade. Moreover, the insulation material is placed right under the roof. In contrast to the first diagram, windows are made on both sides of the house. During the day, these windows are closed and covered. However, during the night, the windows are opened for ventilation.

            Conclusively, a house designed for cool temperatures has a high-angled roof with single window while a residential structure made for warm temperature has a triangular roof with two windows on each side of the house.

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