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I Sold My First On-line Book! Happy…..or Pathetic?

Another little blurb about my quest to publish my truly awful poetry.

Some of you might know that I am a writer of bad, sometimes really bad, poetry.  None-the-less, I try to peddle said poetry through various means-triond, bukisa and other writing sites that are not always concerned about the quality.  Recently I have become involved in Hello Poetry, a relatively new site (2008) that has a pretty good format and a whole lot of authors of poetry that are miles better than me.  They also have an on-line bookstore, which strikes a hopeful little note in any poets heart.  Unless you sell nothing, which just strikes the same note of despondency that makes us write poetry in the first place.  I sold my first book today, admittedly it was probably one of my brothers who bought it, but yay me.  It still made me feel good, and the site really does seem to be working well as an online book shop.  I wish they had some sort of ‘get the word’ out thing going, but alas, they are poets, not business men.  Just like the rest of us.  Sigh.  However, anyone who was thinking about it should go ahead and do it.  You retain your copyrights and get 70% of the royalties from every sale, which is pretty good if you are doing none of the work and paid for none of the software, and just did the writing.  It is very good for poetry, which often never makes a dime.  Which is usually okay for the poet, who just wants to be remembered after our deaths.     Mine can be found at .Cheers!

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