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I Got Three Comments From One View: Triond Magic

We are facing several issues here on Triond. Now there is another technical glitch that is annoying all Triond members. The issue is with the page views statistics. I have been getting over 500 views per day. However, for the past two days my total page views is less than 50, which is totally unrealistic. Will Triond resolve this issue soon? Please read on….

Page view statistics: I got 3 comments from just 1 view today. I mean 3 different Triond users had commented on my post but the page view for that article is just 1. It is obvious that our real page view detail is not properly updated by Triond. In fact, I have been experiencing this glitch for many days. But in the last two days the statistics show intolerable results. I still hope it must be a glitch which Triond will resolve soon. Let us hope so, what else can we do here? We all are tired of raising the issues to Triond.

Content Today

Title Views #Comments #Likes
Twitter Introduces Video-Tweet 8 1 0
Some Interesting Information About Blogging and Bloggers 8 0 0
10 Top Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog 2 0 0
How to Spot a Scam Website 1 3 0
Stop Worrying About Things You Can’t Control 1 1 0

My article ‘ how to spot a scam website’ got 3 comments from 1 view.

What is happening to Triond? Something is seriously wrong here at Triond. The greatest strength of Triond is its community. Though Triond members are not getting enough income from Triond, they all are still staying here. That’s the reason, Triond is getting reasonable traffic even today. That being said, there is no guarantee this phenomenon will continue for ever. At one point, Triond members may lose interest on Triond.

There is no point in writing for Triond until this glitch is fixed

Bottom line: Triond writers are facing too many problems here. Triond must listen to its writers and solve the problems as soon as possible. It’s good for Triond and for its writers. Let us hope things will be better in the coming days. Thanks for reading.

(This article was kept pending for publication for sometime. When it was published the issue had already been fixed by Triond. Thank you Triond. We all much appreciate it)

                               Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Blog

                                         Can Blogging Help You Gain Friends?

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