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Motivational article to encourage reading among young and old – my thoughts on it anyway.


Reading has offered me so much throughout my life.  It is my preferred form of relaxation.  Reading provides me with an instant escape from the drudgery of everyday life, from the monotony of my reality and sometimes provides solutions to certain problems. 

I learn through reading whether it is for school, or the school of life, reading has been and continues to be the ultimate teacher. It is the only form of recreation I have found that is totally up to me.  I can decide what to read, who to read, when to read and where. 

Although I have found much personal growth and a higher level of education through reading, I prefer to read for pleasure – that for me means fiction.  I enjoy exploring the depths of a writer’s imagination, following the curves, dips and rises of a story to its end.  I like to guess where the writer intends to go and to see if I could give their story a twist and maybe change the ending.  I like the sharp imagery that some writers manage to create in my mind, and I like the challenge of visualizing the imagery when some writers don’t quite manage to implant an image at all. 

I can read biographies, poems, thrillers, drama. I can read fiction, fantasy and mysteries.  There is an endless supply of material and an even endless demand for same.  Now with the advent of the internet, it is almost insane how much of a variety there is to choose from.  Writers that could never before be published are sharing their work, previously published writers share their work cheaper and faster and the more there is, the more we want. 

There are so many variations of formats to choose from and so many writers that provide for the general readership – I may as well have died and gone to heaven!  The readers heaven that is – it is better than a library. There is kindle, Epub, Arghos, Ereader, Mobipocket, Plain text, Pdf, PostScript, TomeRaider and SSReader.  There is Plucker, Tealdoc, Newton Ebooks, Fb2 and DjVu! And there is more… You can buy your novels online and start reading immediately.  You can borrow from online libraries, share with friends, and borrow from friends.  You can even write a review of your latest read! 

I have read spy fiction, crime dramas, romantic thrillers, murder mysteries, sci-fi fantasy and more.  And although these are widely different forms of fiction, each holds a very distinct form of attraction for me.  Some will leave me begging for more while others will have me pleading for an end.  I read because I have found a pure appreciation for the art of writing, the art of self-expression.  I have a deep seated respect for the use of language for communication, for self-expression and artistic interpretation. 

I read – because I can!

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