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How to Write Your Motivational Statement

We all need to convince someone over a chance for prospect..

My motivation does not come from  the things  I witness , neither does it come from the things I am being told, but my motivation comes from the experience  I gain within a remarkable circumstance. A lot of times I have seen people set goals for themselves and achieving or failing on it, but it does not matter to me what one make out of a personal objective, it only expose my intelligence  to the ways and mean through which those attempts toward the goal were fashioned. Looking deeply into this, it is always pleasurable to evaluate the reason behind every decision, the consequences and overall effect on the end result and also the given alternatives and the total story it would have become if they were gone for instead.

In simple terms, I get so motivated by  the effect the slightest decision taken on a particular subject have on the final result. While others concentrate and use huge energy on the big picture, I go into the details and see that every item stands the best as they should. Today, the great men and women in Nigeria and around the world achieved such feat either consciously or unconsciously paying attention to little things. Those little things that makes so much  meaning, those little care, those little thoroughness, little extra, simple no and yes to situations are in all my source of motivation. I get motivated knowing that Nokia’s Chef Executive Officer needed to relief the firm from other engagements such as plastic / fibre production to explore mobile technology, I get motivated knowing that Mr Aderinokun knew the place of consistent professionalism even in structures for financial institutions and I get so motivated to share in the fact that Chief Aliko Dangote understands the difference between being rich and being wealthy by choosing to re-engage every earning.

With this thought in mind, I would continue to thread and watch uncompromisingly on my career path, Banking and in five years I see myself to have built a model pathway for intending/ entry hires while at the same time still paying attention to the things of a seasoned professional. In the end, around me and far beyond, I trust that I would be remembered for one thing, which is doing it right for all it worth paying attention to little things.     

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