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How to Write a Book and Get It Published?

So you want to write a book? However, do you know how to write it and get it published? What do you really need to get this accomplished? Well, we need some ideas and a never ending desire to write and share. This article will list five things that you need to start with to successfully write your book! How to get the book published will be the focus of the next article.

If you want to write a book you need some strategy to do so.  For example, you have to know how to write a book.  This article will list five things that you need to successfully write your book!  These many not be the only things you need!  However these could be a start!  I will publish a follow up article listing the key steps needed to get your book published!  However, we have to get the book written and completed to begin with.

First, you have to decide that you will write a book!  Once the decision is made, you have to stick with it!  List all the reasons why you want to write.  For example, do you want to become a better writer?  Do you have something to share with this world?  Have you learned some great experience of life that others may want to know?  Do you want to tell something to your current or future kids?  Do you have a compelling message?  Do you have sleepless nights wondering that you have to tell someone and perhaps the world?

Second, you have to develop some skills and writing style.  Are you expressive?  What preparation have you taken? Have you read a lot of books?  Which authors’ styles do you like best and why?  What do you bring to the table so that others may want to read your writing?  Do you have friends and constructive critics who will be honest with you?  Are you working and tweaking your style constantly to get better?  Do you have an idea and strategy in place to get better?

Third, do you have a unique thing to share?  Is the information valuable to others?  How are you going to add values?  What message and in what form are you adding the message?  Has the message been already shared?  If so are you doing so mainly because you want to spread that message?  Or do you have some original ideas that have not been shared before?  Will it be fiction or non-fiction?  What category do you want to share?  What are your maximum strengths?

Fourth is to have some patience and discipline to finish the work.  Do you have patience to complete?  Will you be able to read your own writings and work with the editors of the publishers to make that work?  Have you done some research in finding out what it takes to write an entire book?  Do you have the time set aside? Do you have other family members who will be expecting you to interact with you while you would be busy writing?  How much mental preparation have you done?  Do you have other achievements that you can draw from?  What is the end of writing your book?  Will you be writing more? 

The fifth which is the last but not the least is to have the confidence needed to become a writer.  Do you have confidence in yourself to become a bestselling author?  Have you been dreaming about becoming one?  Do you know why you can write? What are the reasons that you want to write all of a sudden or did you always want to become an author?  What made you so confident?  How can you increase your confidence further?  Are you creative enough?  Do you know what authors are like and do you possess some of their qualities?  Have you done some research to know who you want to be? 

In summary, to become a writer or a bestselling author, one has to start somewhere.  Publishing articles on-line is clearly a way to get better.  When one decides to write like this, the decision to write a book is very similar.  When one writes a lot of these articles, the style and skill set will improve.  As one works through these articles, some unique content and useful information may become available to the author’s mind which may need to be written.  The ideas need to be on an expanded form so that it can be written to a book form.  Obviously accomplishing anything needs patience, hard work and discipline. Becoming a writer is not that easy!  One will have to work really hard.  The final step stated is to develop some confidence in becoming a writer or a bestselling author. Some of the excellence in other fields could be carried over as one develops!  I am going to use these five initial steps to start thinking about some ideas for books.  You are certainly welcome to join me.  Perhaps you can comment on my five steps or write your own article on how to write a book!  Let us face it!  By becoming an author, especially a bestselling one could change our lives!  Why not try it?

Once the book is written, the author can easily market the book to various publishers and get that book published.  That will be my focus of the next article!  However, first I want to try these steps and test the market so that I can write that second half of the article from real experience!

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