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How to Write a Body Paragraph

This article describes the basics on how to write a solid body paragraph for an essay or other written article you are doing.

How To Write A Body Paragraph


            In this article you will learn the basics of how to write a body paragraph for an essay step-by-step:

1.    First off, you must know the formula to writing a body paragraph. A typical high school level paragraph is at least eight sentences or even more. The formula is; Topic Sentence, Commentary, Concrete Detail, Concrete Detail, Commentary, Concrete Detail, Concrete Detail, Conclusion. That is the skeleton of the body.

2.    Writing the topic and conclusion sentences: The topic sentence is basically just stating in different words your thesis or theme from the intro paragraph and the conclusion sentence is only just restating the topic sentence.

3.    Writing Commentary and Concrete Details: The commentary sentences of a body paragraph are in most cases a direct quote from the literature you are writing on or ONE main topic on your subject. The concrete details are just going into extra detail explaining the quote or sentence used in your commentary sentences.

That is pretty much how you write a solid body paragraph for an essay or other writing you are doing. Just keep in mind, the more research or the more you know about the topic you are writing on, the better your writing will most likely be. Thanks for reading my article and look at my other articles. Thanks.

By Cole Feinbloom

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