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How to Write 10 Articles a Day

Can you write 10 good quality articles every day of the week? How can you write faster and better every day without running out of writing ideas? I have done it before and so can you. This article tells you how.

Can you write ten good quality articles in a single day and live to write another day? Can you complete this task in 2 or three hours and have plenty of time left for reading and commenting? I bet you can but that requires a lot more discipline than you imagine. How can you produce ten great articles every single day?

  1. Learn faster typing – Writing online dictates that you learn faster typing. If you can type 50 wpm, a 350 word article will take you less than 10 minutes to type.
  2. Get reliable internet – Online writing can not succeed without reliable internet connection. Period!
  3. Read extensively – Writing without reading is like eating without swallowing. It is ineffective to say the least and a good writer must just read or go to hell.
  4. Make a list of keywords and key phrases – If you did ask yourself what keywords are, you aren’t suitable for the task at hand.
  5. Research on those keywords – If you have reliable internet connection, researching on any key word or phrase available online shouldn’t take long.
  6. Jot down lists related to your key words – The fastest way to produce an article is to make a list of facts about an important or trivial subject.
  7. Add pictures and Youtube videos – Triond, and indeed most websites, don’t accept very short articles but some of us escape by including pictures and videos.
  8. React to news – One of the simplest ways of finding ideas for articles is in watching and reading daily news stories and reacting to them.
  9. Trends – It is very easy to find article generating ideas by following the trends on Alexa, Google and Yahoo.
  10. Use a word processor – Using a word processor before transferring an article minimizes the number of mistakes and the time taken on proofreading.

I do not write ten articles every day but can do it when the situation demands it. Good luck.

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