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How to Remove Writers Block

Writers block can be very frustrating, especially when you have to meet deadlines, but this method of unblocking your thoughts will allow the flow of creativity to pour through you faster than you could ever imagine.

Sometimes when I’m writing my articles I find myself searching for something to say, with an inner binding that prevents me from writing anything that could ever benefit anybody else, let alone allow me to do my job by promoting the latest Dish Network deals, or ramble on about HD packages and how satellite TV is so much better than cable. I’ve found a technique that has time and again helped me in opening up my creative abilities, and the method I use is so simple it can be done just about anywhere.

What I’ve found is that writers block is almost always brought on by the mental clutter that comes with feeling like we have to meet a deadline, or from some other worry that has you feeling like it requires your immediate attention in order to resolve the situation that is heavy on your mind. These thoughts of worrying about the past or the future can easily overwhelm our current need to delve into the creative juices that flow when we’re writing, and so what needs to be done is to completely eliminate your minds need to multitask while you’re trying to write.

The technique I use is a variation of meditation, but without the cross-legged, forefinger touching the thumb OHMing that most people associate with meditation. What I’m talking about is leaning back into your desk chair, closing your eyes, taking slow deep breaths (don’t hyperventilate), and for 15 minutes doing nothing else but saying the word “ONE” slowly over and over in your head. Don’t allow any past thoughts or future worries to invade these 15 minutes, and if you do it successfully, you’ll find yourself not only completely refreshed after it’s over, but you’ll be able to come up with some really interesting ideas that will flow out of you like a rushing stream.

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