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How to Make One Article Into Many

Obviously, the more articles you have the more revenue you make. Here’s a simple way to turn one article into many.

Whenever you find yourself writing an article entitled “10 ways to…” Or “10 reasons to…” or any other list-type article, you have a very simple way to turn that 1 article into 11 articles.

First, write your list-article. Then, write a new article for each of the listed items.

For the other articles, they need to be much more in depth than the list. So, if on the list you wrote “1.  One way to get rid of writers block is to freewrite. To freewrite, just write whatever comes to mind for a set amount of time. This gets your creative juices flowing.” , your article needs to cover how long to freewrite, what you can/should freewrite about, what to do with the freewriting, etc.

A good way to give these articles publicity is to reference them. So, for your list article, put “For more detail, see ….” and on the other articles put “For more ways to get over writers block, see ….”

This can work for ANY list-article, so get writing!

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