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How to Make $100 Per Month From Triond

How to Make $100 per Month From Triond.

In a recent article, I asked What Are Your Income Goals for Triond? In that article, I offered a general formula based on my own experience. I noted that for every batch of 100 articles, my Triond earnings were approximately $25.00. I then worked out that if a person wrote two articles each week, he or she could double those earnings in one year.

If a person wanted to earn $100.00 each month from Triond articles, they would have to produce approximately 400 articles in one year.

Breaking this down (based on 4 weeks each month), a writer would have to produce: 2 articles each day, which would equal 10 articles each week, which would result in 40 articles each month and that would 480 articles in one year. Or, if you based your calculations on 52 weeks in a year, this would work out to be 10 articles each week x 52 weeks = 520 articles in one year, which would mean you would make $100.00 or more each month writing for Triond.

So, for those who have set a goal of making $100.00 per month from Triond writing, the “2 articles per day or 10 articles a week” formula will help them to reach their objective in one year. That’s seems reachable, doesn’t it?

Triond Article Earnings–Weekly Article Goals:

  • 1 article per week x 52 weeks = 52 articles in one year. Estimated monthly earnings: $12.50.
  • 2 articles per week x 52 weeks = 104 articles in one year. Estimated monthly earnings: $20.00-25.00.

Let’s Double These Figures:

  • 4 articles per week x 52 weeks = 208 articles in one year. Estimated monthly earnings: $50.00.
  • 8 articles per week x 52 weeks = 416 articles in one year. Estimated monthly earnings: $100.00.

How to earn $100.00 a Month Writing for Triond–Daily Article Goals:

Could you produce 2 articles each day? If so, this would be 10 articles per week x 52 weeks = 520 articles in one year, which would net approximately $100.00 each month.

  • Using this formula, 1 article each day = 5 articles a week = 5 x 52 weeks = 260 articles. This would net you $60.00-65.00 each month.
  • 2 articles each day = 10 articles a week = 10 x 52 weeks = 520 articles, would net you $100.00- 125.00 each month.

It helps to crunch the numbers and break down the figures because then, instead of writing in a hit-and-miss fashion, you have a target amount ($100.00) and an article amount (2 each day)  to reach your goal.

Making $100.00 a month writing for Triond isn’t impossible but it does take concerted and sustained effort.

For those who are accomplished typists and who can write articles quickly, 2 articles per day isn’t an unreachable daily undertaking.

  • Bringing your typing up to speed is one of the best things you can do for your writing because it saves so much time. If you can type as fast as you think, you can produce articles reasonably quickly (assuming you process thoughts at a normal speed). My article Learn How to Type Without Looking: A Quick and Easy Method offers techniques for adults who don’t have time to take a typing course and–if  practiced 5-10 minutes each day–will have most people typing without looking in no time.

If you have just gotten started with Triond and are wondering how to calculate average earnings per article, my piece A Look at Triond Article Earnings: How to Calculate Average Earnings per Triond Article provides insights.

It is possible to make $100.00 per month writing for Triond but it won’t happen overnight. If you are serious about adding a $100.00 income stream to your present monthly income, evaluate what you can do each day or each week and then stick to it.

In sum: what do you want to be making in one year writing for Triond? What do you have to do to make this a reality? If you can produce just 2 articles each day, you can make $100.00 per month writing for Triond after one year.

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