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How to Earn a Living From Home as a Freelance Writer

Many people earn a living working from home as a freelance writer. Here is why and how they do it.

A lot of people have had personal, health, career and financial set backs in the past few years. The world has changed a lot in just since the first rumblings of the housing market collapse in 2008. A lot of jobs have been lost and a lot of workers have been displaced from their usual professions. People have had to try to adapt and do it quickly in order to survive all the changes

The saying goes that when a door slams shut a window opens. And, this is one way to describe the opportunities presented by the changes in the web. There has probably never been such a good opportunity for freelance writers. Recognizing this opportunity means a change in the way you think about how you earn money.

What Kind of Person is Suited to Freelance Writing?

If you know something about a particular subject, then you are a good candidate to work successfully as a freelance writer.

If you have been forced out of a particular line of work or have education on a particular subject, become a freelance writer who specializes in writing on that topic.

But, don’t limit yourself. The more you know and the more you can authoritatively write about the easier it is to find work.

One of the best opportunities is freelance copywriting, which is perfect for people who have some sales skills or marketing background.

It’s a good opportunity for people who cannot work outside their home for whatever reason. It is good for people who are recovering from injuries, are disabled or who must take care of family members.

Working as a freelance writer can be done entirely from your home and it can be done entirely online. This is something that would have been a lot more difficult, if not impossible just a few years ago, But, because of changes in the web – and the world, you can live anywhere these days and make a decent living as a freelance writer.

How Do Writers Make Money?

There are two main ways that writers make money: Actively and passively.

One will nicely pay your bills right now and the other will help you build a foundation for a more financially independent future. Most freelance writers do both.

How to Earn Active Writing Income

One of the fastest ways to earn money right now is as a copywriter. Copywriters write text with the idea of persuading the reader to make a purchase or take some other action that would lead to an eventual sale. If you already have a little bit of sales experience, you can adapt to copywriting very quickly.

Another aspect of copywriting involves internet marketing. The way the web is set up, the best way to get a flow of natural, organic traffic to a web site or sales page is by having a lot of content. Copywriters will find this is another avenue to quickly earning money online.

Becoming a copywriter takes initiative. The best work doesn’t usually just come to you. You have to find it and you have to take an aggressive approach to doing so. But, it is a possiblity for people whose other possibilities may be running out.

What Makes Freelance Writing Such an Important Opportunity?

One of the most important aspect of earning a living from freelance writing is that it gives you both money now and hope for the future.

Traditional employment opportunities are increasingly scarce in many places. Lots of people are working two and three jobs and are still unable to make ends meet. Freelance writing (in particular, freelance copywriting) represents an opportunity to earn the money you need to survive and more.

Having a passive income source has never been more important. Because of inflation rising out of control, people need more ways to generate passive income. And, the possibility of earning money through royalties and advertising revenues is almost unlimited.

How to Get Started Right

Whatever you do, you will need, at least, a basic understanding of internet marketing. And, it doesn’t hurt to develop some technical skills.

You, also, need to develop plans based on the money you need to earn. One is a short term plan, you can execute in a matter of days or weeks. The other should be a long-term plan to free yourself from having to work so hard and giving yourself a little safety net by establishing passive income through royalties and advertising revenues.

If you are a writer or you’ve ever dreamed of making a real living as a writer, there has never been a better time for you than right now. The opportunities have never been so plentiful or easy to take advantage of.

Even if all the doors in your life have slammed shut, you can open up this window of opportunity and make it work for you in a big way.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme – far from it. But, you can earn money pretty quickly as a freelancer. And, you can lay a foundation for your financial future by creating assets that will go on earning for you.

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