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How Do You Comment? Five Free Commenting Tips — Triond Writers Please Take Note

Sometime during my first day with Triond I was stumbling through the Help Center and came upon a section about commenting on others articles—at least I think it was the Help Center. I’ve read so many articles and tips and… wait; you want me to go find it? Okay…be patient and I will return…

Nope; I could not locate the specific piece that has stuck in my head since the beginning. Maybe I saw it at another site. What I do remember is something along the lines of: if you wish to comment on an article you should write more than a couple of words (e.g. nice one, good job, etc.).

I’ve expanded on this concept (which I am sure is not new) and I want share 5 important tips for commenting on articles. Whether you currently comment or not you can become a fabulous commenter in no time and with very little effort but very great reward–for you and the writer you’re reading.

5 Free Tips–How to Comment Successfully

#1: Comment honestly but with good intentions: if you find something within the article that goes against your views it is perfectly fine to let the writer know–however I recommend choosing how you word your rebuttal carefully. Be honest but don’t be a bore.

Ex: What a load of crap, you don’t have a clue about (whatever) and you should quit writing now, yuck!

Better Example: While I don’t agree with everything you are saying I appreciate your view–which might make us different and that’s okay because unique never goes out of style!!

(Please note: I know…my first example wasn’t that mean…I just don’t think I have it in me… And if you really dislike an article, not commenting may be the best way to go; it’s your choice, your words!)

#2: Make your comment count: As a writer I love to read my comments (good or bad) but if it appears that you didn’t really read the article (e.g., your comment makes no sense in relation to it) then you may end up sounding like an idiot which may affect whether anyone reads you; which brings me to #3.

#3: Don’t comment in the hopes of getting views for your articles. Chances are your comments won’t sound (or be) sincere if all you’re doing is commenting in the hopes that someone will read you.

#4: BUT…commenting on other writers articles very well could get you views for your “stuff”, if you: comment sincerely; reference something that caught your eye in the article; or are genuinely appreciative of the author’s time and effort he or she put into said article–the favor could then be returned to you.

#5: Last but NOT least: I do believe that short comments can be affective. One or two words that show the author you appreciate the piece can go a lot further at times than writing a small novella–something I am often guilty of, but I do love to praise the pieces I enjoy.

Remember, you do not need to comment on every article you read. You certainly should refrain from offering grammar tips in your comment (PM the author if it is that concerning–he or she will usually appreciate it and get to work fixing the issue). And keep in mind that what you write is forever yours, out there for the entire world to see–a stupid comment from a tired/drunk/cranky commenter is still a stupid comment.

There you have it folks, 5 + free tips about how to comment successfully. As I wrote this article I had the notion that maybe I was being a bit too honest and some may be incensed or take offense that I dare tell them how to comment. Ultimately I hope to simply make you aware that your comments matter–don’t let what you say come back to bite you in the butt someday.

And one last–bonus–tip: Commenting does not have to take up a considerable amount of time. Spending a mere 20 minutes each day reading and commenting on others will benefit you and your friends and may inspire all of us to keep doing this thing we love–writing!!

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