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Hey Writers, Beat Yourself Up One Time a Day

I really want to beat myself up hard everyday about writing, it helps my ability for writing more and more and my income too.

Get Yourself Beaten Up Daily and Forever

Now I got a new move, as a freelance writer (I assumed), I want to beat up myself very hard by compete daily viewers number, I believe that would help my ability to write more and more and also improve my income from writing fast.

How I Beat Myself Up Daily #1 – No Goal Setting, Just Beat the Numbers

Many people set goal for themselves but most of them can not achieve it and it is not because they have set the goal for too high but lack of motivation after the emotion is gone.  So I am just going to beat the daily viewers number to the yesterday’s number.  And that means if I have 89 views yesterday, I will try to beat it for over 90 views.

How I Beat Myself Up Daily #2 – Write More and More without Doubt

So what if my viewer cannot reach the same or over the yesterday’s number?  I will just write more article than the yesterday’s published articles.  And that means it I have written 4 articles yesterday, I will write more than 4 articles if my viewer’s number cannot beat the yesterday.  So that way I beat myself makes me either I need to marketing my articles more to attract more viewers or I need to write more articles to improve my ability to capture any idea and put it into writing.

How I Beat Myself Up Daily #3 – Earn More Passive Income

Most writer know that their income is passive and that means our government does not tax it for too much, and this is why I want to work hard on that instead of working more and more hours of my job and get paid before the everybody else.  By writing more and attracting more viewers I could earn more passive income.

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