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Get Rid of Writer’s Block and Regain Your Creative Edge

Many things can cause writer’s block and often the solution is so easy we don’t even notice it. Below are a few commonsense ways to get back in the writer’s seat.

When you are expected to deliver a steady stream of publications, there are times when you find your cognitive gears are uncooperative. Below is a short list of quick and easy tips that can kick-start your creativity and get your writing back on track again.

by Seth W.

Clean up your act. The most common reason for brain clutter is caused from environmental clutter. Organizing your desk and the room around you can do wonders for your mind. Do away with piles of paper, books, and any other disorder within your writing space. Turn on a lamp or open the curtains to let in the light and if you haven’t already, try to determine what is the best time of day for you to write. For instance, if you are writing in the morning when you have errands, housework, or other distracting activities on your mind, you may want to think about changing your writing time to later in the day when you can relax knowing there is nothing pressing to cause interruptions.

Plan your approach. If clutter isn’t your problem, maybe you need to re-think the strategy in which you approach your work. Have a clear idea of what you want to write about. If you don’t have a plan, ideas run around in your mind causing confusion and uncertainty. Once you are sure of your intentions, it will leave room for more productive thoughts.

Keep your research information in a separate file. Having to look through your hard drive or small scraps of paper can be distressing.

Walk it off. Exercise reduces stress and is the best way I have found to clear my mind. When you are stressed, your breathing becomes short and shallow limiting the amount of oxygen to your brain. A short brisk walk will increase blood oxygen levels and will relax your muscles and clear your mind.

Stay hydrated. Tests proved that close to 75% of all Americans are unknowingly dehydrated. Tests confirmed that dehydration causes brain fog, forgetfulness, sleepiness, muscle cramps, and poor concentration. Is it any wonder we become confused!

Add a little spice to your life. The scent of cinnamon can relax your mind and body. One test showed that cinnamon actually raised the scores of participants by improving attention related tasks, memory, virtual recognition, and visual motor speed.

Just start writing. Begin by writing random thoughts. Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, if it makes sense, or if it is well written. Get your words on paper and worry about editing later. At some point your words will start to come together.

Never be discouraged if you hit a dysfunctional period. All writers have them. Instead, try to consider writer’s block as a challenge.  It is only temporary and you will overcome it.

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