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Freelance Writing Uk: How to Find The Moneymaking Jobs You Want as a Writer

Do you want to find freelance writing UK jobs? Read on to find out the tricks of the trade to make it happen.

Some people who are just getting started with freelance writing UK feel defeated before they even start. Why? Simply because they think they’re up against all manner of other writers from other countries – writers who will work for far less money than UK writers can.

After all, UK writers charge in British pounds. This currency doesn’t go as far as various other currencies do in other parts of the world. So other writers in other parts of the world can work for a lot less money, right?

Well yes they can, but it doesn’t mean that freelance writing UK is out of the question. I work as a full time freelance writer, UK based, and I earn a very good living doing so. I work for clients living in various parts of the world, chiefly in America, Canada, Australia and of course the UK. While I charge more than writers in other countries such as India will charge, I never have any trouble getting work.

So how can YOU make freelance writing UK a successful career?

The secret is to stand apart from all the writers who charge very little for their work. And yet this is where so many writers fall down. The point is that price is not – and never should be – the only area where you can compete with other writers and come out on top. For starters some clients will avoid those who charge rock bottom rates, because they normally churn out rock bottom quality articles.

But there is more to it than that. Clearly if you’re not going to compete in the area of price, you have to compete in the area of quality instead. Offer excellent quality writing services that are second to none, and you’ll be able to charge more for them as a result. This is great news because your clients will see the quality of work they will get, and they are likely to come back for more freelance writing UK from you in the future.

A rock bottom price isn’t everything

If you take just one thing away from this article, make sure it is this. The minute you start competing with other writers on the basis of price and price alone, you’ll end up driving yourself into the ground. Set yourself apart, make sure you have a good service to offer and set your prices accordingly. If you believe in your writing and in the quality of your work, clients will be only too pleased to pay for it.

Earn what you deserve as a writer and make sure you can give yourself the best chance of setting up a successful and ongoing freelance writing UK career.

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  • smcopywrite
    March 30th, 2012 at 4:09 am

    great content and wonderful info. many times the american freelance writers will forget uk writers that are out there searching for jobs closer to home. thanks for sharing

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