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Five Steps of Dissertation Prospectus Writing

Dissertation prosecutes is a precise document that has five essential parts: cover sheet, thesis statement, literature review, research methodology and references are the essential parts of it.

Dissertation prospectus writing is challenging when your professor takes it to the dissertation committee for approval. A dissertation prospectus is a similar like proposal and it has five basic parts namely cover sheet, thesis statement, literature review, research methodology and references.

Cover Sheet 

Your dissertation prospectus ought to have a cover sheet. The cover sheet is a sort of planning sheet that is created with any of the writing assignment such as proposal, thesis or any other. (Note: cover sheet is not presented with your final papers) if any amendments are made in your main document, then it must be mentioned in your cover sheet. It should be of about 40 words to the following queries

Elaborate briefly that with what issue will your papers deal?

What are your thesis hypotheses?

What is your research questionnaire?

What is your process to find answers for your research questionnaire?   

Thesis Statement

It is difficult to write precisely than extended. There is big difference between 20 pages prospectus and 350 pages of dissertation. In complete papers you can elaborate your ideas intensely and put forward your suggestions with discussions. Conflicting from this prospectus is a short piece of writing and you need to present your main body specifically. Your 20 pages include main body, discussions and suggestions.   

So it is important to concise your research material and writer exactly to the point. So for this sort of thesis statement the example papers will be handy for you.  

Literature Review

This is the section were you are revealing your research carried out in the past. Here you need to focus on two points. 

Familiarity with past Research theories

Your research work is not similar with past 

In literature review you need to consider your research and material relationship with the work carried out within your field. Read the related journal, meeting point of recent theories presented within your field and focus past universal research queries. 

Research Methodology 

This is the significant part of your assignment. The method carried out for research process. Here you need to plan your research questionnaire. It demonstrates that how you will utilize the data that bases your research process. 

You need to use reliable and validate ways 

Your data collection techniques 

Your methodology presentation matters a lot 


There ought to be a good end to your project. List all your research sources that include primary and as well secondary sources. Keep in mind that sources should be relevant to your study area. Here if you want you can be comprehensive while writing bibliography.

So it is the perfect approach that can be followed to get your task within your limitations. It will be good if you can get a sample or example paper. For that you can contact with your professor or get online free templates. It will help you in writing and to research in the best way.

Be careful that you may avoid the data of your collected dissertation prospectus example papers because it may result in accusation of plagiarism. Utilise the dissertation prospectus samples as a model papers to take guidelines in formatting and arrangement of paper.  

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