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Famous Authors Who Committed Suicide

Some famous authors who committed suicide.

I was reading Stainless Longganisa[one of Bob Ong's books] for the 5th time but it was only this time that I really got curious about the contents of the third chapter. This was the chapter that mentioned some of famous books and authors who committed suicide. I really got curious if it was true so I researched and found out that indeed, those authors really killed themselves. Stainless Longganisa only mentioned few but when I researched in the internet, Wikipedia showed a list of over 200 writers who committed suicide and here are some of these famous writers.

VIRGINIA WOOLF. Virginia Wolf left a note for his husband before he wore her coat and filled her pockets with stones and drowned herself in the river near their house on March 28, 1941. It was after she published her last novel.

ELISE COWEN. Cowen ended her life by jumping from the window of her parent’s living room. She fell seven stories to te ground.

MICHAEL DORRIS. Dorris killed himself through suffocation, alcohol, and drugs in Brick Tower Motor Inn. He took sleeping pills, drunk vodka and placed his head inside a plastic bag.

KENNETH HALLIWELL. Halliwell murdered his colleague Joe Orton before he overdosed and ended his life with Nembutal sleeping pills.

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ALFONSINA STORNI. Storni, one of the great poets killed herself in La Perla beach. Many reports say that she jumped from a breakwater and some say that she walked into the sea and drowned herself.

ARTHUR KOESTLER. Koestler, an author of many essays, novels and biographies, tooks his own life after knowing that he had metastasis. Together with her wife, they killed themselves through taking an overdose of Tuinal with alcohol.

ERNEST HEMINGWAY. Hemingway killed himself through gunshot.

SYLVIA PLATH.  Plath was a great american poet and novelist. She killed herself through gassing herself in the kitchen. She thrust her head into the gas oven. 

I became really curious about this certain topic. I thought, how come these amazing writers ended their lives? Research says that all of these over 200 writers suffer from severe depression and other mental problems like hearing voices and other. In the year 2001, psychologist James Kaufman named this condition Sylvia Plath effect. This condition describes a mental illness among creative writers. He describe this condition as common among women writers. The term was named after Sylvia Plath at the age of 30.

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