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Expertscolumn Doubles Earning Potential for The Holidays

Expertscolumn, a content writing service, has increased it’s earning potential for the month of December. Join in with the December Fest at Expertscolumn, and make twice as much money from page views. Learn how to make money online with Expertscolumn.

Expertscoulmn has increased it’s earning potential for the whole month of December.  This is the perfect time to create an account and start making money writing online.  This month on Expertscolumn, you can make twice as much money in page views.  I noticed this development the other day, and didn’t quite understand why I was suddenly making more money.  Then, I read that this is a holiday incentive and bonus for current writers and should help new writers get a jump start in making money with Expertscolumn.

To get started, sign up; it’s free.  After you create an account, start submitting quality articles.  Expertscolumn offers a user friendly submitting system.  You will find that it’s best to use a word processor to type your article, that will check  your spelling and give you an accurate word count.  Expertscolumn will not allow any articles under 200 words.  Once you type the article in your word processor, you can, then, paste it into the submitter and format it by adding bold text where needed, indenting, adding links and/or changing the text color.  

The only minor drawback to writing for Expertscolumn is that you won’t be able to add pictures to your articles, however, you can link to pictures.  After the article is the way that you want, you will be able to preview it as it will appear on the site.  Don’t forget to add your tags and select a category in which you want your article to appear.

Now, that your article is submitted to Expertscolumn and earning double revenue in their December Fest, you will want to submit it to bookmarking sites, social sites, and search engines by pinging the article.  Something that you will notice is that your articles will show up in search engines faster, meaning you will start getting views from some artilces from outside of the site almost immediately.

Expertscolumn allows writers to submit previously submitted work.  To do so, you must create an account using the exact same name as on your other sites.  If you don’t already write for a content service, I suggest that you create one with Triond, as well.  Submit your article to Triond, then, submit it to Expertscolumn; this will create a multi-stream of writing income.  Don’t do this in reverse, because Triond doesn’t accept previously published articles.


  • Create an account with Triond – sign up free here.
  • Create a free account with Expertscolumn; using the same exact username. - sign up here.
  • Then, write as many quality articles that you can think of, on whatever subject that you choose.
  • Submit to Triond, then, submit to Expertscolumn.  
  • Promote these articles through social media sites, forums, bookmarking, search engines, etc.

If you would like to make money writing online, please, sign up here.

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