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Earning Money Online Has Never Been This Rewarding

The following convinced me that there is more into blogging than earning money and making friends.

My friend, take a break.  Take some time to breath. 

We seem to have been very busy all day thinking of a new topic to write a new article about, worrying how many visited our previous posts and finding ways to get additional views. These troubles are headaches, and yet we are dedicating time and energy to do all these because we know that in the end, we will get a reward-some accumulated penny and comments of appreciation from supportive friends.  On the other side of it, I made a list of things that I learned “not as a blogger” but as a person since I began my venture in blogging.  The following convinced me that there is more into blogging than earning money and making friends:

1.        Patience and Hard work


Patiently waiting after publishing an article is all worth it when the dashboard shows your article has “100 views, 50 likes and 30 comments today”.  These stats only mean that your hard work has turned the online community to accept your work as valuable part of their reading. Research, grammar and thought organization are just some of the components of a good article and intelligently putting all these inside an article means patience and hard work.

2.       Optimism


Think of the positive outcome.  Not all readers will like your work.  As a writer, the goal is to write and to make readers enjoy what you’ve written for them.  Readers may not completely agree with you, and worst, some will attack you through their comments but an optimistic writer will always take negative feedbacks as opportunities to write a better article next time.

3.       Expanded Knowledge Base


As we read on other writers works, we learn.  Our awareness and involvement in the exchange of ideas inside the online community of writers are great opportunities to help us broaden our knowledge in different subjects.  Helpful information is being made accessible to everyone as writers share their experiences and specialties through different publishing websites.  

4.       Creative and Logical


Through writing, we can think freely and without boundaries.  It gives an environment to manufacture new ideas and try out new techniques to enhance one’s writing ability. These traits are commonly present among excellent poem and opinion writers.

5.       Self Discipline


Although we think and write freely about different subjects, we are still bounded by the website’s rules and policies such as Triond.  We should know that abiding to these laws will always make us a responsible writer and netizen.  Gaining trust and reliability of readers through original works is simply a result of not practicing plagiarism.

6.       A Helping Hand


Nothing can be much fulfilling when you realize that you’ve just helped a reader who has been searching for an answer all his life.  Finding out that your article gave resolution to his problem is the most rewarding part of the experience.

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