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Compare and Contrast Times

This essay is just an example. That being said, it reflects my personal opinion in no way. It’s just a compare and contrast essay on different timelines (now and the time of the 19th century)

Now VS Eyre

If there’s one thing that can change anything, it’s time. There are many varied differences between now and the time in the setting of the book, Jane Eyre (mid 19th century). One major difference is male superiority. In America, women had fewer rights than men. Another one is religion. In the 1800s, God was looked to for guidance in almost every situation. A third difference is the way people dressed. Almost everyone back then had a more formal look to their clothing.

In the time of Jane Eyre, the male sex was almost always treated as a superior to females. In the book, the school of Lowood was ran by a man, St. John seemed to be in charge of his sisters, and Mr. Rochester owned Thornfield and Ferndean. In most movies and stories, such as Jane Eyre, if there are any big projects of any kind going on, the men are in charge of them. The women, on the other hand, are the people who get to stay in their houses while cooking and cleaning. In the 19th century, it was the women’s role to make sure their men came home to a clean house and a full meal at night. The men were usually the ones to go out and get jobs to support their families. Also, the man was always the head of the household. Women in today’s world, at least in several countries, are treated equal to men. They can go out and get jobs, they can vote, and they don’t have to worship men.

Most people of the 1800s were highly religious, especially when compared to today’s world. Jane, from Jane Eyre, was often thinking of God throughout the book, and St. John said that God wanted him and Jane to get married. A lot of people back then saw suicide as a crime equal to murder because they believed only God has the right to give and take life. Most people were driven by the idea of going to heaven. The dominant religion in England (Jane’s country) was Christianity, and almost everyone held tightly to their Christian beliefs. In today’s world, however, more people look to science and logic than in the 1800s. There are several big religions spread around the globe, and there are atheists everywhere. There are also a lot of non-atheists who don’t hold very tightly to their religion.

The way people dress has changed drastically since the 1800s. “For women’s fashion, the high waist Empire style gown was a characteristic feature of fashion in the 1800s.” (Lad). “In case of men’s clothing, men who belonged to affluent families wore garments that had excessive detailing.” (Lad). Everyday clothes, especially in the case of men, were more formal looking than they are today. Women always wore dresses that went down past the ankles as well as sleeves to the wrists. Men often wore bow-ties and dress jackets. The men also sometimes wore an overcoat or a cape. Now, people are most commonly seen wearing very casual t-shirts and jeans, and women often prefer shirts and pants over dresses and skirts.

Way back in the day (mid 1800s), the world was a very different place than it is now. Males were seen as dominant in most situations, everyone was very religious, and people dressed quite a bit more formally. Since that time though, all of that has changed. Women now have equal rights, many people are loosening their grip on religion, people in general wear more casual clothes. The world has changed.

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