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Character Interview with Eliezer in The Book Night

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Interview with Eliezer

Interview by: Divyesh Doddapaneni
Interviewer: Eliezer

Divyesh: Hello this is Divyesh Reporting from CNN News network Interviewing Eliezer  from the Book Night. ToNight we will learn more from the perspectives of Eliezer, I welcome you to CNN Divyesh’s list!?
Welcome Eliezer, how are you?
Eliezer: Very well thank you.
Divyesh: Would you like to begin?
Eliezer: Ok
Divyesh: Lets start, first question, How did you react swine flu epidemic?
Eliezer:  I was frightened so badly, about this craze that arose. In fact since I work in the Boston University. We had quite a craze. Many students didn’t attend school for a couple days. We had about 100 cases in our university, and nobody had it severe, we as a university were lucky and got off the hook very easy. Even though I teach humanities at Boston University, I have explained to my students about my time in the Holocaust and the the terror that I have experienced.
Divyesh: Interesting (sound of writing occurred) I love the way you think and your great realizations. Question 2: How do you feel about this year’s senator race.
Eliezer: I find it extremely interesting. There are many democrats, that need to win to have the majority vote, so that they can continue to help America. Currently I hate the fact that republicans currently are just saying no, to everything. They are taking everything politically and are slowing down this country. So this year I want people to vote for a democratic country. The only way to lift away the problems that we are drowning in.
Divyesh:  Interesting, So do you agree with the national debt/ who do you blame?
Eliezer: I Would blame the Bush administration for the national debt that we have right now. When Bill Clinton left office, there was practically no national debt, but after the Bush Administration, there was a 2 trillion dollar debt and a terrible economy. To fix the economy the Obama administration, did their job to give people jobs back and slowly recover the economy. The Obama Admin. have achieved a lot and is bringing back jobs, in many cities. This should not be punished. Also over the last few weeks the speed of the national debt was gradually decreased, and the rate of the national debt is a lot slower.
Divyesh:   Nice insight, Next question: How do you feel about the Quran Burnings.
Eliezer: It reminds me of Hitler
Divyesh: Why?
Eliezer: The very racism is involved, in this conflict as with the conflict with Jews. I hope that this won’t cause a WW3.
Divyesh: Me too.
Eliezer: That’s nice to hear
Divyesh: How do you feel about the North Korea threats to attack America ?
Eliezer:  I don’t approve of war of any sort; one of the reasons I voted for Obama.
Divyesh: I figured,                                                                                                 
Map of North Korea…

Divyesh:  Interesting, but don’t you hate terrorism?
Eliezer: Of course, though I would not go to war with someone for it.
Divyesh: I agree with you, but do you think that there was any advantage for going into that war with Iraq?
Eliezer: No not really, in my opinion nothing that is suffice happened during this time, the government became extremists and killed many Americans as well as innocent people.
Morally this operation is a mistake taken by the Bush Admin. because of the cost of waging war with another group of people. As well as doing it without the consent of the senate.
Divyesh: Did you like the everybody reads program created during the Bush admin. ?
Eliezer: No, most of the program is based on assessment, rather than learning, and this will not help kids learn what they need to. In fact this program can be blamed for the recent increased suicide rate, assessments cause stress and this can translate into brain aneurysms, suicide, loss of hope, loss for ones self-confidence. So I want somethings to change with our education system.
Divyesh: That is one way that most people don’t view  this question.

Eliezer: Obviously everyone is different

Divyesh: Your really cool, and find nice ways to explain things.

Eliezer: Thanks

Divyesh: Final question of the day; How do you feel about the environment?

Eliezer: I feel like there has not been much progress. Yes some companies have resorted to the “Green Side”, but there many companies that do not have the capacity to do that. In my opinion the government should give everyone a special coupon that gives the people credit for purchasing green items.

Divyesh: Wouldn’t that hurt the national debt?

Eliezer: Yes, but doing nothing will get us nowhere. Actually doing something will bring jobs, money back

Divyesh: Well that is true, but that will raise the budget to about 2 trillion on energy, which our country does not have know.

Eliezer: I know that, as well as the national debt at 13 trillion. To solve this problem the government should impose a 20 cent tax on all tobacco based products. That way the prices will raise and the tobacco based products will be sold less.

Divyesh: That is the end to our interview thanks for participating, we greatly thank you

Eliezer: Bye

Note:The Author of this book is still living. He lives in Boston and works at the Boston University, My interview is from the character’s perspective. This book is TRUE!

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