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Celebrating My 100th Article for Triond

This is my 100th article for Triond. I not only commemorate it but also take a moment to look back on what I have done already and maybe where I intend to go from here. I also intend to include a bit of advice and encouragement for those just starting out.

When I first started writing articles for Triond I had already done a couple of dozen or so on other websites. To be honest, I don’t remember exactly what prompted me to give Triond a try. So I got started with an article on how to save money on music equipment, since much of my background is in music. Eventually I would branch out into other subjects and the rest is history.

Recently, I was considering the option of giving up on writing for Triond. The reason being that my articles weren’t getting the amount of views I would like. Yet something prompted me to try new subject matter out for my articles to see how they would do. Luckily I did because my article views went through the roof. So I had determined that my lack of views wasn’t necessarily as a result of Triond websites not getting enough traffic or poor quality writing on my part but perhaps it had more to do with the fact that there wasn’t as much of a demand for articles dealing with the subject matter that I was writing about.

This prompted me to do an article about writing articles people would want to read. It’s really a shame that I had not stumbled upon that concept sooner but at least now I can advise those just starting out to experiment with writing about different subjects to see what people are looking for. Then, once you find that out, concentrate on writing those type of articles.

To give you some idea as to the difference in the number of views, I will provide you with some statistics. I would have to say that prior to my writing about 3D animation and software and technical computer related articles, I probably didn’t get any more than a few hundred vies in a month. I’m guessing here but I’m probably fairly close and, if anything, am rounding up. Just yesterday I got almost 1,300 views in one day. It set a new personal record for me. Today, as it currently stands, I stand a good chance of surpassing that.

My writing isn’t any better than it was previously; it’s just that there is more of a demand for what I am writing now than for what I was previously writing. So it is important that anyone just starting out now remember that if you are not getting the number of views you think you should be getting, don’t get discouraged. Just try to write about something different.

Obviously, since I am getting significantly more views now, the temptation to quit writing for Triond has subsided substantially. The numbers of fans and subscribers have increased at a faster rate as well. As for my plans for the future, I will continue to write about those popular subjects but still, on occasion, write about the same things I had written about in the past. I just won’t be focusing on them as much. I still enjoy writing about those subjects and they are probably my main areas of expertise, so why give it up entirely?

I know there are a lot of people writing for Triond that have written significantly more than me. They are probably saying “100 articles? Big deal!”  That’s okay though. If someone is more prolific at writing articles than I am, I am happy for you. Although, I can say that I try not to be too redundant in what I write about. I do try to offer something new in each article that I haven’t covered in the past and I do try to write articles consisting of nothing less than 750 words. Two standards I have noticed that a lot of writers don’t necessarily adhere to.  That’s their decision though. Whatever floats their boat. I would personally advise someone starting out to try to at least do 750 words or so and to try to cover something new in each article. It’s okay to touch briefly on some things previously covered but I usually do that for the purpose of driving a different point home.

So, hopefully, I have encouraged someone new to stick it out for a while to see how it goes and maybe, with any luck, my advice may help them to get more views of their articles. One could only hope. Ina any case, I have just finished my 100th article for Triond and I thought this day would never come. Thank you Triond for the opportunity. Now, where is my badge?

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