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Building Your Brand to Make Money Online

If you want to work from home either full time or to earn extra cash, you must market yourself. The most important marketing starts by letting others know who you are. Learn the best way to build your brand.

If you are serious about writing and want to make money writing, then you need to build your brand.  YOU are your brand and you must market your brand.  Online marketing of you is very simple.  It all starts by telling people who you are and what you are about.

First, choose your writing name.  This can be your real name, or it can be a pen name.  The important thing is to choose a name that people can relate to.  “Sweet-N-Sassy” might describe you, but it isn’t professional.  Same with names like “BestWriter,” “MommyTo4,” “DrunkButFun.”  Make your name real sounding if it isn’t your real name.  “John Doe,” “Writer Guy” or “Travel Writer” might not be the best choice, but it is better than “Exposing the Scam.”  This is how people will come to know you and relate to you.  The key is to be relatable and professional. 

Next, decide where you will post your profile.  Different places where you can post your profile will have different rules about what you can or should post, which is why it is important to decide where you will post first.  You want to go in with a plan.

Where do you already write?  If you write at Triond, HubPages, Info Barrel, or any other online writing site, there is a profile section.  Fill it out.  Even at WebAnswers there is a profile section to promote yourself also.  Include links if allowed; many of those links are DoFollow links.  It will show people what you are about while giving yourself another backlink. 

The forums that you participate in are another opportunity to get your information out there, especially if you can point people to your link.  You always want to operate under your brand, so make sure these are forums that relate to your niche or other writings.  This is often one of those overlooked areas that can help you earn money; you are already communicating with your target audience.

You should have a twitter account, a Facebook account and a Linked-In account for your brand.  These are excellent tools to promote you and connect with other writers and clients.  You will not make money if you cannot connect with those that will bring you money either directly or indirectly.  If you do not have these accounts, you need to get one!

Twitter will only give you very limited space (160 characters), so you will need to get your main point out quickly about you.  You can then add in the URL (nice backlink) and send people to a more detailed profile page.  Facebook gives you the ability to keep some many things private (a great idea if you are writing under your real name) where you can tell a little bit about yourself and point fans and potential clients to another website.  Linked-In is a professional profile, so treat it as such and give lots of professional information out.

Fill out profiles where you blog.  You should even start a blog about you, if you haven’t already.  Treat these as a portfolio of your work.  It shouldn’t repeat what you’ve already written (every article should always be original), but it can summarize and point with links to the complete article.  Of course, articles you write should simply be pointing back to your niche blog(s).

Google Profiles, About.Me, and are all about creating a profile.  Fill these out and let everyone know all about your brand.  Leave DoFollow links showing people what you and your work are about.  These are also great ways to control your brand before someone else does.

Now that you have an idea of where you should be marketing yourself to help you make even more money and get your writing career going, what should you be putting in your profiles?  Whatever shows your brand in the best light to help you earn cash writing.  Keep your profiles professional and to the point.  Add links where you can.  You want people to be intrigued by you and think you are the best source to go to, but you also don’t want to force it.  It isn’t a sales pitch, but an introduction.  Think of every profile as a job interview. 

There are some DON’Ts that come to filling out profiles.  Don’t be negative about anything; only showcase yourself in a positive light.  Don’t give out personal information such as your home address, phone number, personal email (professional email might be OK in some areas), social security number or anything else you wouldn’t give to a random stranger on the street.  Don’t give out information on other people—your profiles are about YOU, just like your brand-blog is about YOU.

These are very simple steps to building your brand and marketing yourself online to help you earn money and launch your writing career for an online income from home.  However, these are very powerful steps.  You will be everywhere you need to be.  Your writing will be a constant presence.  You will earn money through backlinks.  Most importantly, you will control what people find out about you while searching online.

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