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Book Review: I’ll be Seeing You

I thought Harlequin only published romance novels because this story is not a romance. I kind of shy away from romances but am not totally adverse to reading them, they’re just not my first choice. THIS story was my kind of story.

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Authors Suzanne Hayes and Loretta Nyhan wrote this fictional story based on their own story. Two women in different States and in different age groups and stages of life become penpals – penpals of war. The book is written entirely in letter format, letters written to each other as well as letters written to their loved ones (husbands, son) who are serving in World War II. Rita is the elder of the two whose husband and son are both serving overseas. Glory is a young mother with another child on the way; her husband is also away serving in the war. These women share their lives, fears, thoughts, stories and even recipes. I suppose you could say there is romance as we hear about both women’s relationships with their loved ones. But mostly this is a story about friendship.

There are times when I forgot that the story takes place in the early 1940’s as the story could take place today, except it would probably be emails as opposed to good old fashioned mail. I was drawn to the characters and so wanted them to be able to meet each other. Glory needs the sage advice Rita gives her but she probably could use it sooner rather than have to wait a couple of weeks for their letters to make their way back and forth between the two women.

Because the story is told in letter format it is easy to reveal the backstory of these two characters. There is little need for flowery and sometimes boring description of place and weather. All that is needed is what these two say in their letters. They share their past and their current experiences. Romance, parenting, tragedy, hardship and surprises are all part of their lives… and part of our’s. The reader can truly relate.

This is a wonderfully touching story. The art of letter writing is all but extinct due to the evolution of computer technology. It really is too bad. The friendship built between two people who never see each other is heartwarming. A truly wonderful read.

Liked it

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