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Fancy working as a Dear Abby? If so this is for you…

Become a well paid advice columnist. Usually when you see articles like this they are written by little slips of girls who have never run or owned a business and never been successfully self employed.  They cannot do it themselves but they claim to be able to tell you to do it!  Their aim is to get people to read the article and they get paid a few cents  whenever LOADS of people read it, even if it is a load of rubbish.  They have not got the brains to actually set up or run a business or be successful as a professional person.  This is where I am different.  

I am 54 – I have worked in this field as a full time professional for 35 years. I  have done well out of it and worked hard helping a lot of people including many famous celebrities who return to me regularly when they need wise counselling.  I have been offered work on tv and radio and for magazines and newspapers, all due to being good at this.  Therefore, any advice I give YOU is good advice.

To get into this work forget about writing to magazines and newspapers asking them for a job. To be honest they will just laugh at you. Why would they employ a totally unknown person for a well paid job where lots of people read what you say?  When magazines and newspapers need a new advice columnist they tell the writers and journalists there they have a vacancy and one of them decides to take it on.  It is the same with so called astrologers. They do not hire an astrologer. They get the cookery writer or the sports writer to also do the astrology. All they are bothered about is that they can write not whether or not what they write is accurate.  Hiring an actual astrologer is far too time consuming and costly and fraught with problems.

But there is a way you can get into this field of work as a beginner with no qualifications and no experience.  And it will not cost you a cent.  Go to the best and busiest agony aunt site online which is often looking for people with the raw talent and who are genuine to do this work.  They pay very well.   I was told that it is currently £50 an hour which is about $125 an hour.  Their site is at – just click on –  become a well paid advice columnist. If you are cut out for this you will be working there and being well paid.  If not well at least it is best that you know. After all, your main concern should be for the people who need advice and whether or not your advice is really good enough for them.

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