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As a writer, the added tasks of promoting one’s work and gaining loyal readers is daunting. What if readership and feedback were guaranteed?


While perusing fellow members articles, I came across an ad for that compelled me to click on it for more information. Any ad for paying writers will peak my interest.

The landing page at is simple and to the point. Mr. H Lari explains his motivation for starting this site through conversations with his writer Mom and wife. As his Mom pointed out, “It’s terrible to write something and get no response — writers need to know they’re being read and appreciated.”

Researching showed that donations and ad revenues were not the way to go. A subscription site was born. Readers and writers alike pay a monthly subscription of $12.95. This revenue is shared with writers based on their popularity. Readers enjoy a format allowing them access to their favorite writers.

Many writing sites contain very talented writers that have often commented that money is not their primary motivation. They love writing and getting feedback from readers. may well be the venue they are looking for.

Subject matter is open. Writers get their own writing space (just like a blog) to write when they wish on any topic from opinion to poetry, factual to fiction. Readers can easily find what and whom they enjoy reading. Both are privy to commenting and discussing with each other in a blog format.

This whole concept would definitely weed out the so-called writers that dump useless content on a site for the cash. Search engine positioning of writers profiles should rise quickly. Those that also publish books could benefit greatly from exposure on

Although the landing page doesn’t offer too much information on the inner workings, you can sign up with your email addy, user name and a password. Without subscribing, you can browse around to get a feel for the place, topics, blog titles, community and options available. The overall feeling is very upbeat and discussions are lively.

Note: For a limited time, there is a referral incentive. A sponsor will earn a one-time $20 for any referral that stays subscribed for at least three months. Irenen1 may benefit from you subscribing. Thank you.

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