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30 Day Writing Project – Day 14

The 30 day writing project continues after a few days break. This time reflecting has enabled one of the characters to live longer than expected.

This is the last day of the second week of my 30 day writing project. Time disappears without noticing sometimes. I’ve made little writing progress this week, for all the reasons that were obvious to all but me before I started challenging myself in December. This last week of my six month teaching contract found other priorities taking over.

My children’s story would be almost half complete if life had progressed as planned. Nothing is ever that simple. With no writing for four days, my book’s word count is way behind. I’m not seeing this as a reason to despair though, but a small set back.There’s still time to make up the time lost, as from today I’m no longer working full-time.

The story is at the point where Fluff the cat has fulfilled his role in helping Janie make friends at her new school. At first I considered writing him out of the story, leaving her to face her final major school ordeal alone. However, these four days of non-writing enabled me to come up with a different way of handling this scene not yet written. I’m relieved. I had difficulty killing off Fluff the cat.

Sometimes taking a short break from writing is a good thing. When this project started the climax of the story seemed clear to me. That changed as I started what was to be the middle obstacle for Janie in her mission to make friends at her new school. Far more serious matters arose and Fluff’s role in the story changed quite a bit. Had I written daily as planned this week, the poor fluffy fellow would be dead by now, run over by a car. Now he has the opportunity to live on, taking a lesser role in the story.

Meeting my 30 day goal will be more challenging now, but not impossible. I’ll continue to write as much as possible over the next two weeks and hopefully the first draft will be close to completion by the end of December as planned. I’m certainly glad i started and even more glad I made my commitment public. Had I not revealed my plans to the world bouncing back into action may have been more difficult. I really appreciate everyone’s support.

Progress on the book is under way once more. There are two more catastrophes for Janie to face, one more major than the other. The end of December is still a couple of weeks away. I’m looking forward to plenty of writing.

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