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200 Articles on Triond


Two hundred articles! That’s right; I said two hundred!

As I look back, I’m reminded of how I first came to this site. I was ambling mindlessly across Facebook, complaining about my lack of money to go to college, when a wonderful man by the name of Kevin C Davison informed me that I could make money by simply writing articles and publishing them online. What a crazy idea! I had never considered the possibility of writing for money without getting published or going through an agent. With Triond, I’m not competing against anyone! I can just post my ramblings, poems, stories and lists on this site and it pays me roughly a cent for every four views. Considering the fact that I have a novel on another site with 80,000 views making NO money, that seems like a pretty good deal!

Now when I first started, I wasn’t making much. It’s hard to make a ton of money with only a few articles when your biggest fan is your next-door-neighbor. I made 20 cents my first month. That’s not even enough for them to send me a payment. However, I made $17 in September. Still not enough for a phone bill, but for just a few months progress, I would say that’s not bad for a high schooler.

I have a lot of plans for this year. I think it’s only fitting that I hit this milestone right at the start of it. I’m going to try to write at least an article a day; now that I’ve been accepted to my dream school, I need to start finding ways to pay for it. On top of that, I’ll be writing and essays and applying for scholarships like crazy. There will probably end up being more than one rant about that on here. I also plan to extend my internet career and experiment with different forms of blogging and publishing. I have a few ideas, and there’s a whole universe of options for me, especially once I turn eighteen.

I’ll laugh at this in a few years when I have thousands of articles and the earnings to match it. Hopefully, by then, many more will be laughing with me. :)

This was my first article: Write Me

It’s a poem that basically sums up why I chose to do this.

Liked it
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