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20 Online Writing Sites That Pay for Content

If you want to become an online writer and get paid for your content, this list of 20 online writing sites will help you to get started. Seasoned writers can use this list to expand upon their online writing efforts.

If you are looking for sites that pay for content, the following list covers a number of online writing sites.

A living can be earned by those willing to work hard at submitting articles online. To make real income, a good rule of thumb is to work toward at least 500-1000 online articles offering good information. The more value you can offer to the reader, the more you can potentially earn.

Join a number of online writing sites then commit to a regular writing schedule. If you do so, you will earn monthly income that will only grow over time.

Online Writing Sites–Factors to Consider

  • Determine if upfront payment is offered and/or a revenue share.
  • Always check pay-rates at each site before registering, as some sites pay more.A good starting point is a revenue share of 50% but some sites offer higher rates.
  • Make sure that your country makes the cut. Some writers have registered at writing sites online, then learned later that they were not eligible for payment.
  • Read through each site’s FAQs or contact the site directly if you have questions prior to actually joining.
  • Some of these sites require writing samples as part of the application process.

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20 Online Writing Sites that Pay for Content

  2. ArticleIncome
  3. Associated Content
  4. Break Studios
  5. Bright Hub
  6. Bukisa
  7. Constant Content
  8. Demand Studios
  9. eHow
  11. Factoidz
  13. HubPages
  14. InfoBarrel
  15. Orble
  16. Squidoo
  17. Suite 101
  18. Triond
  19. Wikinut
  20. Xomba

Quick Tips When Writing for Online Sites

  • Once you’ve joined a couple of the sites above, try to write on a regular basis.
  • Produce lots of content. An effective method to do this quickly is to write your articles in batches of five. (An easy way to generate 5 article titles, with your topic in mind, is to call on how, what, why, when, where.)
  • Interlink your articles, thereby increasing your page views and earnings.
  • Strive to create good quality content that will endure and gain search engine rankings.

If you follow these steps, you you’ll make monthly income by means of online writing sites.

How to Write Articles that Get Website Traffic

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