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100 Writing Prompts

100 Writing prompts.

I can’t count how many times I’ve googled writing prompts, searching for something inspiring enough to elaborate on. I rarely find anything but annoying questions, or alternatively too-wacky-to-write-about words and phrases. Following, then, is my very own list of 100 object prompts, a few of which may hopefully inspire you if you find yourself in a similar situation.

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1. A dusty old top hat

2. Lilly, the cuddly black kitten

3. A certificate for achievements in piano study

4. A letter with seven stamps

5. A brand new accordion

6. A flickering lamp-post

7. A tv screen covered by a pink blanket

8. An antique silver jewelry box

9. A garden gnome missing an arm

10. A stage with black curtains

11. An open door

12. A house floating in mid-air

13. A dewy spider web

14. A blood-red skyline

15. A book entitled “The Black Bible”

16. A broken grandfather clock showing the time 3:33

17. A painting of a horse

18. A red cup filled with brown liquid

19. A kitty litter box

20. A half-empty bottle of nail polish

21. A dead fairy

22. An empty wine glass

23. A pink pearl bracelet

24. A newspaper article about the new highway going through a local town

25. A yellow backpack

26. A monster with a black tongue

27. A ball of lint

28. A staggering pile of DVDs

29. rainbow-colored socks

30. a ball of rolled up duct tape

31. Two moons in the sky

32. Leopard-print seat covers

33. A key chain shaped like a tiki man

34. Broken railroad tracks

35. A young man on crutches

36. A monkey on the street corner

37. An eye with a yellow iris

38. A man with a sword in one hand and a gun in the other

39. a lacy pair of underwear

40. A purple turban

41. A woman in a white dress, spinning in circles

42. A black leaf

43. A cracked stone wall

44. Pixellated flowers

45. A 3,000 lb weight

46. A woman with flowing green hair

47. A little bronze statue of the god Neptune

48. A steamy street

49. A foot-tall blond Mohawk

50. A cupcake with pink frosting

51. A bleeding heart

52. A dog-like dragon

53. A shiny yellow raincoat with matching Wellington boots

54. A man made out of driftwood

55. A hot air balloon the size of a goldfish bowl

56. A unicorn with fangs

57. Siamese twins attached at the shoulder

58. Three sisters, each with three eyes

59. A man with stripes tattooed on his face

60. A violin case labelled “Property of Dan Long”

61. A broken hourglass with the sands spilling out

62. An empty sketchbook with yellowed pages

63. A venetian full-face mask

64. Graffiti on a bathroom wall

65. Spirits from Lithuania

66. A chair that belonged to her grandmother

67. Tags on the mattress

68. A Native American Headdress

69. A book titled “How to be a Vampire”

70. An onion growing in the fridge

71. Clean, white cotton

72. A huge bowl of macaroni and cheese

73. Three burnt-out light bulbs

74. A broom laying in the driveway

75. Aunt Lizzy’s ashes on the mantle

76. 32 copies of a Christian science book

77. An unfortunate leprechaun

78. A bowl of huge, ripe table-grapes

79. A dead hermit crab in a little plastic cage

80. A deck of cards with the Aces missing

81. Half of a parrot

82. A black-and-white butterfly

83. Seven pumpkins on the front porch

84. A disco ball- or is it a crystal ball?

85. A woman in a black dress floating on the water

86. A cup of coffee with cream

87. Elaborate shadow puppets

88. A hundred masks on the wall

89. A mouse reaching for the moon

90. An angry peacock

91. A rusting barbed-wire fence

92. A trash bag filled with shopping bags

93. A bloody crow

94. Faded pink pants

95. Golden hills and valleys

96. Two women without mouths

97. An unsolvable puzzle

98. A porcelain doll missing its eyes

99. A baby’s crib in an otherwise empty room

100. Rotting strawberries

Happy writing!

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