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Shvoong is Legit Site

Get some money from shvoong..

anyone here had ever heard Shvoong??

what is shvoong?/

Shvoong platform is same with Triond…

Both of the site are paid writing site..So the member (i always call the writer) get the payment based on their article visitor..More visitor more earning you get..

So some of the different between Triond and Shvoong..

here are the different..

1. Shvoong payment is 10$(paypal only) and you get paid every 5 every month. Triond make you get payment from 3 methods, 0,05$ from paypal, 50$ from Western Union and Cheque and you get every 15 every month.. Triond added too Google adsense earning…lucky for Triond member…So here Triond win…

2. Triond only allow you write in english..Shvoong gives you some easy make article in 35 languages…so you can write your languages too..Here, Shvoong win..

3. Triond added image and videos and shvoong not added that feature…Here , Triond win..

But overall both of them had a plus and minus..

Here i give you the Shvoong payment proof from some friends..

Liked it

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