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Ghostwriting: A Great Opportunity for Freelance Writers

Ghostwriting is a great way for freelance writers to receive additional income writing.

A ghost writer is somebody who writes a book or articles for someone else. The ghost writer is paid an amount of money to write the material needed and hand it over to the client. A ghost writer is often employed in order to allow an inexperienced speaker to appear more proficient as a speaker. A ghost writer is hired from the beginning to do most of the writing. A ghost writer is similar to a freelance writer. Several blogging businesses hire ghost writers so that they can keep their blogs or web sites updated. 

A ghost writer is well aware of the truth that they are giving up original possession when they present the content as a ghost writer. This method of putting literature together is mainly used by those who have sufficient information regarding a topic, but are not inclined towards writing creatively. It might be someone who just does some parts of a book or a task. 

In today’s demanding world, producing your own written material is not always possible. Here the writer feels free to source information and reproduce it as their own. Executives, celebrities, and political leaders often hire ghost writers to draft or amend magazine articles, autobiographies, or other written material. Ghost writers are hired to make celebrities sound as interesting and compelling as possible. Celebrities, executives, and political leaders often hire ghost-writers to draft or edit books – usually their memoirs. The ghost-writer is rarely accredited. For example, all of John McCain’s books were ghost-written by staffer Mark Salter, while Barack Obama wrote his own books. Also Kanye West who is a famous celebrity uses a ghostwriter.

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Depending on their experience and background, ghostwriters can make up to $1000 a month on a part-time basis. Additionally, depending on their background and experience, ghost writing can also be financially gratifying full-time as well. For example, an expert ghostwriter could get paid up to $500 or more for an online e-book alone. 

Today, ghostwriting is viewed as a smart and sensible business decision. In fact, many book editors and publishers actually prefer to work with an experienced ghost writer or editor, than with a nationally renowned personality who has never written a book before. Rather, these are books that maybe had an interesting idea at the core, a great character or two, or a good story, and the only problem is with the writing. In other words, these are books where the author had a funny idea, an inspiration, or a good story, but simply is deficient in the know-how, life experience, or storyteller’s intuition to achieve what they desired with their work, or maybe they put out a pretty good book, but one that would reveal to be a bit of a task to read through.

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