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My Passive Income From Triond – Augest Earning $6.65

Triond is a very interesting platform for people who want to write for money, share is second and making friends is the last. So how do you think Triond will help you to earn some passive income every month?

The Three Most Common Way How Triond’s Writer Make Money

So now maybe you want to make some extra money for your daily expense and this may be your only reason why you wish to be a freelance writer that catches a lot of readers everyday and make huge income with them.  And this is how most writer in Triond makes their writing compensation.

First Type of Triond’s Writer – Experience, Share and Write with Passion

I believe most of the Triond’s writer are writing with their own experience and knowledge and that is why Triond is so successful.  Many and Many writer from worldwide joined Triond are passionate people on writing.  They concentrate on sharing what’s updated and knowledge in their profession.  And that makes them the best writer in Triond because their interest is sharing the truth and for the other’s best interest.

Second Type of Triond’s Writer – Making Money for Base

Some other Triond’s writer concerns on how much money they are making every month with Triond or Google Adsense, they try everything they could to attract more and more readers in a short period of time so they could make a lot of money.  I did not say that they are not a good writer but mostly they concern on money rather than sharing professional content.  To tell you the truth, I am that kind of writer too.

Third Type of Triond’s Writer – The Wrost Writer for Triond

I have heard lots of Triond’s writer complaint about their Triond’s “Friend” copied their content, changed a few words and published on Triond again.  Those type of writer are the wrost writer for anyone and should be kicked out by the system.  I strongly suggest you should not be that kind of writer because you will not go anywhere for the long term.

Finally my last earning on Triond in Augest is $6.65 and $9.64 from Google Adsense.

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