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My Communication Strengths and Weaknesses

A review of my writing ability at this point in my life.

Date:               May 11, 2011

To:                  Daphne Froobs

From:              Jonah Froobop

Subject:           My Communication Strengths and Weaknesses

My written and oral communication skills have several strengths and weaknesses. As a writer, I have produced work this year that was insightful, developed and logically structured. I still need to further develop these skills and also need to work to improve my writing style and editing. As a speaker, I arranged information logically but struggled with both my physical and vocal presentation.  

The first half of this memo will discuss my strengths and weaknesses as a writer. The second half will discuss my strengths and weaknesses as a speaker.

My Writing Is Developed Well At This Point in My Life

My business writing has improved greatly from Managerial Communication but I still face some problems.  My writing has thorough and developed content and for the most part the structure of my writing has been logical. Still, my writing has problems; I need to develop my writing style and editing ability.

My Appropriately Toned Writing Has Expressed Awareness of The Audience

Throughout Managerial Communication, my writing has been directed towards the correct audience with the right tone. This can be seen through almost all of my documents. For project 2, my writing was directed towards future employers. My project 3, was written for Dr. Falcon and I used a professional tone because I was writing as a medical consultant. For project 4, I wrote to the Jameson Foundation with a serious and professional tone.

My Writing Content Has Been Developed and Logical

For the most part, my writing is thorough and clear. My ideas are developed and explained throughout my writings for Managerial Communication. You stated, “The content of your report is impressive” for project 4. My project 3 analysis of Island Dermatology also demonstrated my ability to develop information in an understandable order. My report answered most, if not all of the questions Dr. Falcon would have asked me.

There are still some problems with my content and development. At times my writing should have been supported by more specific evidence. One example of this was my report for project 4. I should have noted dates more often in my research. I can still work to better develop the content of my writing by properly and more frequently documenting research material. I can also work to improve my bibliographies.

The Structure of My Writing Has Made Sense

Throughout the year, my writing structure has been logical. My writing has had stand alone sense and my headings have been coherent. In my PowerPoint presentation, almost all of my slides’ headings had a clear meaning. My lead in overviews combined with stand alone headings give my writing skim value. This allows readers just looking to glance at my work to know what my main points were. Also, my writing structure was further developed by the use of section closers.

My writing at times had structural issues. One example of a weakness in my writing structure is that I sometimes forgot to include transitions. Transitions are crucial to ensure that writing is coherent.  Had I used more transitions in project 4, my report would have been better.

One of My Problems Has Been My Writing Style and Editing


Throughout the year I have struggled with punctuation and grammar but have improved greatly. In early projects I failed to use the coma rules. Also, a huge percentage of my sentences were too short and simple. By project 4, I used a greater variety of sentences and properly used comas and semicolons.

Another problem with my writing style is that it is not always as concise as it should be. I must learn to find words that are unnecessary in my writing and cut them out. At times I still struggle with coma use. Many of my mistakes on the grammar test came from my subpar editing skills.

My Oral Skills Are Not Developed As Well As My Writing Skills

My speaking skills are not as developed as my writing skills as of now. I need to work to improve my ability to present orally. I am able to organize information well and prepare useful visual support but unable to deliver it well physically or verbally.

My Content, Organization and Visual Support Helped Improve My Oral Presentations

My content and organization during oral presentation is up to par. My presentations in Managerial Communication had clear purposes and views. The information was organized well to help listeners further understand what I was talking about.

My visual support during oral presentation was also good. I used meaningful titles that had stand alone sense to make it easier for listeners to know what my main points were. My PowerPoint presentation was professional and organized.  My presentation for project 4 was made more meaningful from the slides I presented.

My Physical Delivery Was Lacking

I have improved my physical presentation skills but they are still not perfect. In my first presentation, I was swiveling in the chair. This is pretty much equivalent to not standing still during a presentation. In later presentations to the class, I was able to stand still and present more confidently.

A part of my physical presentation that still needs work is my gesticulation. During my presentation for project 4, I barely used my hands to emphasize points. This is something that I need to work on for future presentations.

My Vocal Delivery Was Subpar 

My vocal delivery has gotten better throughout Managerial Communication but still needs to improve. In my first presentation I was not loud or clear. I spoke fast and even though the content of my speech was good, listeners might not have understood my voice. My voice was a problem in my final presentation too. In the video it is hard to make out a lot of what I am saying. Even when I go closer to the camera to answer questions, it is still hard to understand what I am saying. Fixing this problem is important for my future in both school and places of employment.

*  *  *  *  *

Overall, my writing is developed well at this point; however, my speaking skills still need to improve. My writing for this course has been logical with developed content and structure. Also, my grammar has improved but still has to get better. As a speaker, my content is organized and I can support presentations well visually but I have other problems. My delivery, both physically and vocally, is not as good as it should be. Most of my strengths are in my writing and most of my weaknesses are in my speaking.

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