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Getting Paid for Writing Poetry

Can You Make Money for writing simple prose?

Poetry, while appearing simple, is increasingly difficult to master. It can take years of practice before you can finally craft a successful poem. But once you’ve learned how to, the results can be amazing. However, making money as a poet is extremely difficult, but there are a few online magazines and ezines which will pay you for your poetry, some of which I will list here.

The poetry market is even harder to get into than the Flash Fiction market, but the rewards are far, far higher paying up to $300 per poem. Some of the magazines listed her even published works by well known poets such as T.S. Eliot and Carl Sandburg, and offer a fantastic opportunity for poets to become known to the world.

  1. Artful Dodge: Artful Dodge is published in independent and chain bookstores across America, but have a fairly high standard. Submissions are only accepted through snail mail, and it is recommended that writers read a few copies to get a feel for what the magazine is looking for.
  2. Poetry Magazine: The best paying possibility on this list, Poetry Magazine pays a whopping $10 per line for your poems, though they require a minimum of 30 lines ($300). They accept submissions through both online and regular methods, and receive a massive amount of submissions all year round. While it is difficult to get accepted, it offers a fantastic way for a poet’s reputation and work to become known.
  3. The Threepenny Review: Paying a flat rate of $200 per poem, the Threepenny Review is a fantastic way for a poet to make some extra money. They hold poems to a high standard, and all poems must be submitted through regular mail as well as below 100 lines in length.
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