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Become a Freelance Book Editor From Home

Become A Freelance Book Editor From Home.

Become A Freelance Book Editor From Home

The task of a book editor is to take an author’s manuscript, check spelling, punctuation, grammar, and context and make suggestions to help the author get the manuscript in publishable condition. There are a few skills and tasks to help you ready for this work at home position.

Tip One

In order to become a freelance book editor it is important that you have competent editing and proofreading skills. You can increase your knowledge by reading books on self-editing, copy editing, and proofreading. Many colleges have continuing education courses which offer Advanced Grammar courses and several other English classes.

You will also need to become familiar with style guides. The most common style guides include, AP (Associated Press), MLA (Modern Language Association), and Chicago Style. Knowing these styles guides will assist when editing non-fiction works.

Tip Two

For editing fiction, it is important to know the different types of editing. In the world of freelance editing, these terms can mean different things, so it is important to know about the process of editing fiction.

The larger, broader type of editing involves looking at the book at a whole. You need to know if the overall premise of the novel is strong enough. The beginning, middle, and end have to be coherent and flows from one scene to the next scene. The plot of the novel needs to be streamlined without deviating from the main idea. The sub-plots have to be well-integrated into the story. Each character has to have a well-developed goal, motivation, and conflict.

Another type of editing writers need is checking for the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. Manuscripts also need a detailed eye looking for questionable research and copyright infringement.

Tip Three

To get your new business off the ground, it is a good idea to join some professional organizations. Consider joining a professional editor’s organization. This will not only help you by allowing you more information into the industry, but it will also make you look reputable when writers consider your services. Also, look into joining some writer’s organizations. This will open the doors for you to rub elbows with potential clients.

Tip Four

Use social medias to help you find clients. Join networks of writers and editors. Advertise on your social media page, so others will know about your services.

You will also need a website. You can create your own, using a web site template offered by many different companies. They are reasonable in price, so you are not out-of-pocket any heavy expenses.

Tip Five

Once you have rendered services to several authors, consider getting them to give you a testimonial. Having authors brag on you can help in securing more clients. You can use these testimonials on your website and other promotional tools you use.

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