Freelance Writers: Five Costly Mistakes That Can Prevent Success

Have you worked hard to write an article, yet see zero results in return? One of these five mistakes may be the culprit.

Most Made Mistakes in Article Writing

Article writing for the Internet is increasing but there are some things you need to know to be a successful article writer. Common mistakes and what to avoid!

15 Simple Mistakes Online Writers Should Avoid

I am not only a writer but a reader too and some of these simple mistakes that writers make really get onto readers’ nerves. What should you or shouldn’t you do? While that may be the least of my concerns, avoiding the following mistakes would be good for a start.

Five Top Mistakes Online Writers Make

The appeal to being able to write online is great, whether you want to make extra money or just write for the sake of writing. There are some common mistakes online writers make. Read below and so that you can learn what not to do.

Grammar Guru: Top 10 Common Writing Mistakes

Brush up on the fundamentals of writing.

Common Writing Mistakes That Drive Readers Mad

Are you guilty of these common writing mistakes? Well you are driving your readers mad and some of them may not read your next article because of that. Don’t misplace punctuation and avoid titles that can be mistaken for paragraphs among other mistakes.

The Ten Greatest Mistakes That Young Writers Make All The Time

There are mistakes that writers should never be allowed to get away with. Avoiding these mistakes will not only increase your chances of getting published but may also earn you reputation that will ensure repeat sales of your work and probably a good return on investment, for remember, writing is business, serious business.

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