Cherish,passion,and Destiny

What is real,what is love,and what is perish.

Rhetoric: Plato on Love

An essay displaying Plato’s thoughts on love.


This is a poetry.

The Intelligence of Animals

How intelligent is the animal world?

The Theory of a Wise Man’s Tale

This is really just an explanation of some of my opinions. I talk about a few things that I believe to be true enough to be useful to others.

Once Upon a Time…

Imagine if you are able, a world with no Google, no search engines, and even no computers of any kind. It was a dark age, but some who were schooled in the art of book lore were able to glean wisdom from a place called a library. Come with me to explore this ancient world…

Triond Writers, Hope is Not Lost!

All people who write on Triond, have you ever felt like there was no hope you would be able to write something that people would be interested in. Well, you are not alone.


As artist, poets, do we mind content?

The Odyssey

Odysseus’ cunning wisdom as described by Homer.

How to Make Money on Triond

I wasn’t sure I should do this one but guess it’s to late now. I’m sure there are hundreds of these on here but I figure what the hell I’ll hand out my wisdom. I won’t tell you all the tricks I’ve learned in my time on here but I will give three most important things and I’ll give you warnings too.

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