Dialga’s Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2008

It’s my 106th article and for your viewing pleasure, I’m going to review the 10 most popular articles I’ve written as of Sunday January 4, 2009. Of the 105 articles I’ve written so far, these 10 articles are the ones in my Triond account with the highest number of total views, as determined by you, the viewing audience.

Your Writing is Your Unique View

Nobody will ever write your story as you do. Your story will have your own stamp that no other person can ever duplicate. Your quality is unique. All of what you are is in your writing. Listen to your inspiration with the ears of the child you were. That child will never let you down. Draw on that child’s imagination and her wonder at the world. Don’t write about it. Recreate it. Don’t worry about it being accurate. All memory is selective.

William Blake (An Informative Speech)

A speech I wrote. It had to be an informative speech about a famous influential person. I chose William Blake for reasons you will read in this essay. It had to be 3-5 minutes long. Enjoy!

What are Your Excuses for Not Writing

Many people think they would like to write, but the time is never right or they don’t know what they want to write about. They wait for the perfect subject or the perfect time, which will never come if you don’t fit writing into your schedule. Don’t be bashful about your writing. Be resilient and don’t let yourself back down. The voice you use is original. Nobody on earth will write using the same voice. Your writing is an expression of yourself and your values.

Make Your Blog Stand Out with Some Simple Tips

Here are some helpful tips to getting started and standing out in the crowd.

The Scent of Love

Its called the perfume of life!!!

Websites That Pay You to Write (Could Earn $500+) PER DAY

This method really works and not a scam.

How to Increase Google Adsense Earnings – Make Your Profits Grow Online

This article could offer you useful tips on how to increase your Google Adsense earnings and make your profits grow online.

How a Subject Can Distract You All Day

Yesterday I read something that caught my attention. Now somehow it did not leave it.

Keeping The Writing Flowing Part Four: Sydney Swelters

Simply writing. Writing anything that flows; a page a day. This is, "Stream of Consciousness," a style that is ideal for writer’s block.

Cyclone Ulio has weakened yet high humidity, hot sun and thirty-five degree heat make this Fall day a hottie.

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