Joining Sentences: Eight Alternatives to “If”

Many people think that the word "if" is not very formal to use in a letter, at home or anywhere. Here are examples of what the words are and how to use them.

If You Do Not Make Money, Why Would You Write on Triond?

If you receive the proper payment should triond job in your field, if you receive a minimum payment then you should quit this job.

The Use of “Had Better” and “Should”

Many students of English as a foreign language believe that "had" is for the past activity. In the expression of "had better", the word "had" has nothing to do with the past but it is used to express "advice or suggestion".

Lose Face Weaknesses, Making It Difficult to Write

Your job in writing a very disturbed, and you are not able to do some writing, if you are in trouble. You should be able to deal with weaknesses, as a positive force.

Service of a Website Should be Independent

Why is that, because I began to feel something new happens, and impressed eliminate independent value. A website that is not capable of giving reasons, about eliminated an article that discusses "a leader".

Reasons You Should Add People in Triond

Top reasons to spend time adding people on triond.

Why Writers Should Not Copy Their Writing and Post It on Other Sites

Why copying your article to multiple sites might not be helpful. This is only advice, but if you want to copy your work and put it on more than one site, that’s fine. But more sites are not accepting articles that have been published somewhere else before.

Five Reasons to Work for Triond

It pays, but like anything it takes time. Is the pay worth the time?

What Do Friends Do on Triond?

This is an article explaining why friends are made on the website Triond.

What a Good Story Would Have

What a basic good story would have, for me that is.

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