Comic Book Review Bill Manto The Incredible Hulk 286 Hero 1983 Marvel

A science fiction story that seems very familier got a make-over for this Incredible Hulk adaptation.

Short Science Fiction Story Review Brian W Aldiss Three Evolutionary Enigmas

Three stories in one – a neglected classic by one of the giants of British science fiction.

Literary Classification


Short Story Review John Wyndham Adaptation

A father is reunited with a daughter who disappeared in space fifteen years before.

Book Review Lois Mcmaster Bujold Ethan of Athos

A man who has never seen a woman before in his life, finds himself chased by spies and assisted by a female super-spy as they try to track down a telepath everyone wants.

Book Review: Mallworld by Somtow Sucharitkul

I review this old comic SF novel.

Book Review Cordwainer Smith Norstrillia

A boy who can’t send or recieve telepathic messages finds himself the richest man in the universe but everyone wants him and his money at any price.

Short Science Fiction Story Review Cordwainer Smith Golden THE Ship WAS Oh Oh Oh Oh

A bloodless space war with a pretend giant space ship and a crying girl as the main weapons deployed.

Short Science Fiction Story Review Cordwainer Smith THE Crime AND THE Glory of Commander Suzdal

A planet where women have to turn into men to survive is sent an army of telepathic cats.

Short Science Fiction Story Review Cordwainer Smith THE Burning of THE Brain

A spaceship Captain gets his passengers lost and makes an amazing sacrifice to save them all.

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