How to Become a Published Author for Little or Nothing

Description: A lack of funds should never stop a good writer from realizing the dream of being published, especially with indie publishing gaining so much momentum. Get insight on how to become a published author for as little as $0 and no more than $100.

My Publishing Experience with The Kindle Bookstore

My publishing experience with the Kindle bookstore.

Kindle Lending Library to Come to The Uk

An article about the Kindle Lending Library which is soon to come to the UK.

Is Self Publishing Worth It?

With online writers, the question inevitably comes up as to whether it’s worth it to self publish, or whether it’s a better idea to wait until a publishing company decides to come along and buy your book.

1950s School Memoir Closer to Completion

Writing a 1950s school memoir has been a more challenging task than I anticipated. But in less than seven months my book will be a reality and I will be able to proudly say “I did it!” Hopefully others will be inspired to bring a project close to their heart to fruition as I have.

Smashwords as an Alternative to Kindle

Authors who previously had work rejected are publishing e-books with success. Find out how you can publish your work and have it read worldwide.

How to Plan a Successful Self-published Novel

Self-publishing novels has become a viable way to earn money with your fiction, but you need to have a plan to succeed. Too many people simple write a book and slap some free stock on for a cover and expect to become rich. Here is a plan to help you have a successful self-published novel.

Living in The Garbage Era of Literature

An article on the increasing number of garbage strewn throughout the internet, and a set of tips to avoid falling into the landfill.

How Ardigan Publishing Helped My Writing Career

A description of the writer’s journey on the road to indie publishing success.

Write The Query Letter First

If you are serious about getting published here is a critical problem solved.

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