Ship of Fools by Richard Paul Russo – a Science Fiction Novel

The story is told through the eyes of Bartolomeo, a prickly fellow born deformed and raised by adults whom he assumes knew his parents. He lives on a starship that has been wandering throughout the galaxy for centuries.

Animated Object by Linda D Addison for Space and Time

Animated Objects is Linda D. Addison’s debut offering. This is a mesmerizing mixture of poetry and short stories, fables and science fiction, enchanting fantasies and harsh realities. It will take you on a journey and touch you in places long forgotten or never experienced.

The Uniqueness of 10 Flying Car That Ever Existed in The World

That fact is increasingly emphasized by many clinical discoveries and cutting-edge technologies to support the idea of sophisticated cars like this.

What Type of Books are Easier to Get Published?

Are you a writer who is interested in writing a book, hopefully one that will be published? If you are, have you ever written a book before? If not, there is a good chance that you are looking for the easiest approach to take. After all, no one wants to create more work for themselves than needed. That often results in many writers asking themselves which books are easier to get published.

Review on Saphora Vol.1 by Jaz Johnson

A review on the first book (Retention) of the Saphora trilogy.



The Writing Network Picks of The Month!

October is often a quiet month for new releases but The Writing Network, a new publisher of book series, has pulled together some great titles for readers to enjoy. Here is a list of some series openers.

How to Write Fantasy

A few say that science fictional and fantasy include the most difficult genres to write down. This’ll ensure it is a touch easier.

Science Fiction Book Review Ian Whates Solaris Rising Two 2013 Rebellion Press

New SF writers prove that the future didn’t die with Isaac Asimov.

Science Fiction Writing

And at this moment that the general manufacture of tiny stories has been addressed, at this juncture are some equipment to consider when inscription a science fiction story. Earliest, what makes a story science fiction before fantasy?

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