How to Get Started Building an Author Platform

Have you ever wanted to become a published author, but just never new where to start and so you gave up on your dream of seeing your name in print?

This article is written for everyone that has answered "yes" to that very question. It has always broken my heart to see potential authors give up on their dream of becoming published author before they even got their feet off the ground. That is why I wrote this article.

On The Internet Sources on Seeking a Profession as a Writer

On the internet Sources on Seeking a Profession as a Writer.

When Writing is More Than Just Your Hobby

Maybe writing is “just a hobby” to you but if you love writing, when writing is more than just your hobby, give it all you’ve got. Treat it like a job. Go for it. Writing takes a lot of time, energy, willpower and intelligence and anyone who can sit down and write and make that writing informative, enjoyable and publishes it for the general public deserves respect. Read more…

What I Really Wanna be

Is it possible to achieve two profession?

The True Essence of Freelance Writing

Do not let your skills/talents go to waste whatever they may be. They represent your personality so never take them fore granted.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelance Writing

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of freelance writing.

A Passing Thought

As we all know, writing for the media, requires a great deal of caution, as far as facts are concerned. Any serious misstep, one way or another, could prove to be at once costly.

Introducing Technical Writing

The article contains basic introduction about technical writing. It explains, role of a technical writer, what technical writing is all about etc.

A Writer Turned a Fairy Down

Choosing between grabbing an opportunity or standing over something you love doing.

The Write Stuff

Get back to your “writing wroots”.

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