How to Write Good Articles Eficiently

Reads and research is all what a true writer will do, noting down every idea that comes to mind. Read more….

How to Choose a Professional Copywriter

You already know that professional copywriting is worth its weight in gold. You know that a good copywriter can help both to drive traffic to your website, and to keep it there once it arrives.

What you don’t know is how to find that copywriter.

We Dont Stop Learning

Or should we not!

P is for Patience and Perseverance

It´s what´s needed to create a good portfolio that can be submitted elsewhere.

A 20,000 Euro Literary Prize

On line writers that expect to earn a lot without not putting in much work would do well to know what on line or in the outside world writing entails.

On-line Writing Doesn’t Seem Profitable

Yet, it is still a piece of writing and one doesn’t know who’s to read it out there.

How to Prepare a Killer Freelancer Portfolio

A well prepared freelancer portfolio can help you get a constant stream of writing gigs. It can lead to longstanding contracts to write for best paying clients and give you a reputation as a leading freelancer.

Landing a Freelance Writing Gig Easily

New writers to the freelance writing niche will quickly become discouraged with the ability to land freelance writing jobs. Novices will generally send off a few quick emails concerning freelance writing jobs, receive no responses and give up. This is not the way to land freelance writing gigs. It is daunting to search for work, even veterans of the industry are aware of this fact. You can become more successful with your job searches with a little assistance.

What Does It Take to Become an Author? – Part Seven – Promote Your Writing Skills

You won’t be a successful writer, if you don’t promote your writing skills. Learn how to do it.

The Easiest Way to Hyperlink Your Triond Articles

Hyperlinking your Triond articles is even easier than you think. Here is the easier way.

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