Do Your Headlines Have Benefit?

Persuasive writing is necessary when you’re writing a non-fiction book or an article. What you say on paper (screen) needs to move the reader to action. You must persuade them to take the next step.

Can’t Write. . :-|

Words, are words really that important for communication or they just a part of effective communication? Well, to express what you believe and how you feel in words is one of the toughest job!

Persuasive Writing: How to Get Your Way

Guidelines for writing to persuade.

Optimizing Persuasive Writing – B.e.a.d.s

B.E.A.D.S. is my own personal acronym. It is easy to remember and incredibly detailed, even if it seems simple.

How to Write The Perfect Persuasive Essay for High Schoolers

I get stuck sometimes, too. Look this over if you’re a lost puppy when your teacher asks you to write a persuasive essay!

Ten Tips for Writing a Great Speech

Writing a Speech? Having trouble? Need Advice? This list is short, to the point, and useful for people who need some help writing a quality speech.

The Body and Mind: Equilibrium

On the poetry of Frost and its relation to labor.

How to Write Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay writing is considered really tricky. Here we are going to give you some tips to write down the persuasive essay in a simple yet effective way.

Example of a Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay that was actually turned in to an English teacher. Use it with reference to its companion article- How to write a persuasive Essay.


How to Write a Good Persuasive Essay

Writing in persuasive language is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have not written any in the past. It is, however, very similar to writing a normal power paragraph essay.

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